During an Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Healthcheck, Xiarch experts draw on our knowledge of advanced threat actors, security breaches and ICS domains to evaluate how well your ICS security program and architecture are segmented, protected and monitored.

The ICS security consultants at Xiarch Technologies have a few years of expertise in conducting assessments on completely different industrial system parts, from railway systems and electrical utilities to grease refineries and chemical plants. we offer tailored services to investigate and perceive your industrial processes and operational technologies from field-level instrumentation to ERP systems. Security analysis is at the middle of everything we have a tendency to do and is performed unendingly on a number of the world’s largest and most refined networks. Our in depth active investigations have already uncovered quite two hundred zero-day vulnerabilities in leading ICS and SCADA systems.

Industrial system (ICS) together with its parts (SCADA, PLCs, and RTUs etc.) square measure usually employed in industries like electrical, water and effluent, oil and gas, chemical, transportation, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food and nutrient etc.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) usually refers to an industrial system for a given method. These processes area unit usually of mission essential nature and frequently exist as of commercial, infrastructure or facility-based nature.

ICS Security Assessments

To identify all potential vulnerabilities in Associate in Nursing ICS atmosphere, our consultants conduct internal penetration testing on Associate in Nursing united set of systems and parts. This testing includes:

  • Evaluation of however resilient your network security is to attacks at the info link layer so as to spot weaknesses that may offer attackers access to your local area network
  • Monitoring and analysis of your network traffic to spot whether or not attackers will access sensitive info from it
  • Identification of every kind of devices, operational systems, and applications gift on the target local area network phase
  • Detection of vulnerable network services
  • Discovery of access management weaknesses, like wind keep on poorly protected file servers and inadequate or missing firewall protection
  • Review of countersign usage, together with analysis of network traffic knowledge for info that's doubtless derived from a countersign (NTLM, MD5 hash, etc.). This analysis are accustomed generate a passive list of passwords that's tested against your ICS parts along side a wordbook of common passwords
  • Analysis of network infrastructure security levels
  • Determination of whether or not the foremost important vulnerabilities found would offer attackers the flexibility to burrow into the network on the far side the check phase and gain unauthorized access to important ICS parts, like SCADA and controllers


ICS Component Threat Intelligence and Security Feeds

Stay prior the hackers with regular security updates direct from our analysis team as well as zero-day vulnerability alerts, anomaly detection, and correction techniques.

Security Benchmarks and Configuration Hardening Guides for ICS Components

Be assured your systems are in peak condition with checklists created by Xiarch Technologies, supported by our in-depth business data, research, and seller partnerships. Compare these configurations of your ICS elements as well as SCADA, PLC, and RTU with our counselled settings for optimum security.

ICS Compliance Checks

Xiarch Technologies ICS experts will determine your level of compliance with technical elements of all relevant standards including CIS, NERC CIP, ISA99, and custom standards relevant to your particular industry (such as railways or power generation), your own corporate governance or regulations in the places where you do business.

SCADA and ICS Safety

  • Analysis of application ASCII text file(Source code) by static, dynamic, and interactive security testing
  • Detailed design review of embedded devices
  • Assessment of application and system computer code normal configurations
  • Analysis of however known vulnerabilities will impact the useful security of systems
  • Reports containing recommendations for eliminating vulnerabilities and rising overall security
  • Lack (or weakness) of mechanisms to counter attacks on users
  • Disclosure of guidance, as well as specific application functions and computer code elements
  • Mistakes in however input file is processed permitting remote code execution and denial of service

  • In-depth examination of computer code, firmware, and associated protocols
  • Practical gray-box analysis of user interfaces
  • Analysis of data and joint interaction interfaces with different systems
  • Development of attack eventualities
  • Errors in however user authentication, authorization, and access are enforced
  • Vulnerabilities that may impair however applications and systems perform
  • Errors in however end-user application functions are enforced
  • Configuration errors or lack of useable integral and third-party security mechanisms

Our Approach

The ICS Healthcheck applies an ICS risk analysis and threat modeling methodology followed by technical data analysis.

Risk analysis and threat modeling

  • Document Present Network scenarios : Xiarch consultants, collect and review your existing design documentation, communications protocols and security polices, standards, and procedures to completely perceive of your ICS security surroundings.
  • Develop Threat Model: Our specialists work along with your IT, operations and engineering employees to spot the high-likelihood and speculative attack vectors and targets.
  • Prioritize controls : Using the Developed threat model, Xiarch professionals assist your team to select and prioritize security controls to address recognized anticipated threats.

Technical data analysis

  • Review network segmentation : Our consultants deploy a FireEye Network Forensics Platform device on your network and then analyze network packet capture files to determine the types of security risks you face.
  • Review security device configuration : Xiarch experts determine how you have configured your network security devices and verify the efficacy of their rule sets.

Why Xiarch ?

Xiarch is an ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 27001-2013 licensed Cyber Security Company and IT Services Company with solutions providers in Information Security like VAPT Services, Penetration Testing Services, Vulnerability Assessment Services, Among our consumers we proudly work for Government Organizations, Fortune one thousand Companies and countless start-up companies. We are additionally Value Added Partners, Authorized Re-sellers & Distributor of Leading Web Application Security Testing Tools.

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