​A complete Endpoint protection against all phases of advanced threats

Endpoint protection refers to securing endpoints, or end-user gadgets like desktops, laptops, and cellular devices. Endpoints serve as factors of access to a business enterprise community and create ways of entry that can be exploited by using malicious actors.

Endpoint protection software program protects these factors of entry from risky endeavour and/or malicious attack. When agencies can ensure endpoint compliance with records security standards, they can keep increased control over the rising wide variety and kind of access factors to the network.

What is Endpoint Security?

Endpoint Security or Endpoint Protection is a centralized strategy to defending all endpoints - servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones and different IoT devices - connected to the company IT network from cyber threats. This methodology allows efficient, fantastic and less difficult security management. Some service providers provide Endpoint Security systems that consists of antivirus, firewall and different excessive defined protection software.

When any device-smartphone, laptop, tab etc- is linked remotely to a network, the endpoint accordingly created would grant an entry factor for threats and malware. Endpoint protection management is all about thoroughly securing such endpoints and thereby securing a network through blocking off access attempts and such volatile things to do at endpoints.

Endpoint security structures are a must to have in modern threat landscape. As more organizations undertake practices like BYOD and also as incidences of cellular threats are persistently on the rise, endpoint protection will become fairly relevant. Employees nowadays connect to business enterprise networks using their laptops or smartphone devices, from their residences and also whilst on the move. In this scenario, when safety perimeters tend to be undefinable and ever-shifting, a centralized safety solution may not be adequate. It's here that safety endpoints come in, supplementing centralized protection measures with additional layers of protection at endpoints, which are no longer just entry points for threats and attacks, however factors of egress for sensitive records (corporate and personal) as well.

Companies need to ensure that endpoint gadgets meet safety standards; this has to be ascertained before such gadgets are granted company network access. Endpoint security helps businesses keep higher control over all entry points and additionally helps block threats and access tries effectively. Security endpoint equipment additionally assist display for, detect and block malicious activities.

Endpoint protection structures commonly consist of a centrally placed security software program (which is placed on a centrally managed server or gateway inside the network) plus the patron software program it is hooked up on each endpoint or endpoint device.


7-Layer Endpoint Security Platform

  • Containment with auto-sandboxing – All unrecognized techniques and purposes are auto-sandboxed to run in a constrained environment.
  • Web URL Filtering – Advanced interface to create policies as required – user-specific, sweeping, or as granular as desired.
  • Comodo Firewall – Offers high-level security in opposition to inbound and outbound threats, stealths computer's ports, manages community connections, and blocks personal records transmission by way of malicious software.
  • Antivirus – Features rich technology-based computerized detection, filtering and quarantining of suspicious documents to do away with malware and viruses.
  • File Lookup Services (FLS) – Cloud-based instant evaluation of unknown files that checks file recognition against Comodo's main whitelist and blacklists.
  • Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS) – Checks vital OS activities to make certain safety towards malware intrusion.
  • Viruscope (Behavior Analysis) – Behavior of all tactics are monitored for conceivable detrimental action.

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