Precise Log Data Analysis and Correlation when Security Incidents Happen

The growing demand for legally correct data that meet the rising tide of regulatory compliance has pushed the want for reliable, forensically impenetrable log storage. Our SIEM log administration offering is a powerful and revolutionary cloud-based mixture of performance and service. Industry and government mandates dictate that specific types of information desires to be stored intact for certain durations of time. Corporate governance dictates that given types of data be verifiably destroyed after their storage duration is complete.

What is Log Management & SIEM?

Log administration is a method of collecting, analyzing, and archiving giant volumes of machine-generated log messages. These log messages are used to audit device activity, apprehend consumer behavior, check out safety incidents or suspicious activity, and generate compliance reports. Security information and event management (SIEM) offers a greater holistic view of an organization’s protection posture via centralizing, normalizing, and correlating information from various sources to observe suspicious activity, abnormal patterns, unauthorized access, and a manageable assault in near actual time.

Why Does Log Management & SIEM Matter?

Many compliance rules require log administration as a quintessential step in securing data. Without applicable log collection, risk detection and incident response emerge as near-impossible tasks. In addition, enforcing a log management tool is vital for risk management, security incident response, and reporting. Without amassing log data, it is difficult to display and understand disparate community events taking location in the course of your IT infrastructure.

SIEM automates the procedure of collecting, normalizing, and correlating massive extent of records from disparate sources throughout one or many locations in actual or close to actual time. SIEM helps correlate lots of log activities and correlate that with different facts such as vulnerability and risk records to furnish context around a protection incident. Without SIEM, it is not possible to perceive current threats that can effortlessly steer clear of signature-based technologies such as Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Next-Gen Firewalls, Anti-Spam, Unified Threat Management (UTM), Anti-Malware, End Point Protection, etc. SIEM centralizes the endeavor data from all sources and gives a unified view of your security posture. SIEM additionally helps become aware of manageable Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) assaults that are designed to avoid signature-based technologies.



  • Full forensic lifecycle administration from collection to storage to destruction
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Digitally signed and time‐stamped
  • Forensic auditing and evaluation tools
  • High overall performance architecture
  • High performance facts capture
  • Digitally signed and encrypted storage of raw data
  • SAN/NAS interoperability for unlimited scalability
  • Military‐grade records destruction
  • Encrypted log transport


  • Digital Signatures
  • Encrypted Transportation of data
  • Compliant data storage
  • Seamless integration with SAN and NAS
  • Automated storage reports
  • Analytic tools for forensic investigation
  • Data security time‐stamped
  • Data digitally signed
  • 10:1 Compression
  • SAN/NAS Interoperability
  • Unlimited scalability
  • AES 3DES Encrypted transport
  • Military‐grade data destruction
  • Data feed for continuous updates
  • Redundancy and high availability
  • High Performance Optimized for high‐capacity data storage and retrieval
  • Stability and Reliability

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