Learn – How Yandex is fighting the Largest DDoS in Russian Internet History?

Yandex a Russian Internet Giant Yandex has been addressed in an enormous distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that was initiated last week and reportedly constant this week. A report in Russian Media states that the assault is the largest in the short history of the Russian internet, the RuNet and that it was proofed by a U.S.-based company.

RuNet is the Russian section of the internet, generated to work by its own of the worldwide web. Its main intention is to handle the cooperative country-wide transmission frameworks running in case of a cyber-attack from an unknown adversary.

How are the Services and data not impacted?

As per Russian-language publication Vedomosti citing Yandex sources, the alteration of attack data initiated to hit the company’s servers over the weekend. A source for the publication said that Yandex had a hard time defending against the assault that carries into this week.

There is no detailed information about the type of DDoS or its size but the Russian publication is saying that Cloudflare web infrastructure Security Company confirmed the “record scale of the cyberattack.”


To ensure, Yandex in partnership with Qrator Labs facilitating its users a DDoS security service for cloud resources. Security Investigators states that its sources declined to facilitate more information on the attack because of a current internal audit, but noted that the incident represents “a threat to infrastructure on a national scale.”

The Russian publication says that a Yandex spokesperson confirmed the DDoS attack and that the company’s network infrastructure managed to filter the unwanted requests, resulting in no impact on provided services or user data.

Advance botnet on the horizon   

DDoS attacks are carried out by botnets, large collections of compromised internet-connected devices receiving commands from an administrator. According to Alexander Lyamin, the CEO of Qrator Labs, quoted by Vedomosti, Yandex appears to have been targeted by a new botnet that harnesses the power of network equipment from a vendor in the Baltic region.

Yandex has yet to confirm this information, though. Our experts have emailed both Yandex and Cloudflare for details about this attack and are currently awaiting a reply. Multiple of the largest DDoS attacks publicly reported is a 2.3Tbps detected by Amazon Web Services Shield in the first quarter of 2020 and 17 million requests per second assault moderated by Cloudflare in July this year.  

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