Load & Performance Testing

Load testing is a type of performance testing that applies stress to a software program. Load testing may be used for multiuser systems, simulating access to determine whether the software can handle many simultaneous users. Or it may be applied to single-user software like a graphic design or word processing application to make sure that it can handle large documents. The purpose of load testing is to ensure that a system, program or function can do what it’s designed to do and handle the load it’s expected to bear.

Load testing differs from stress testing, which deliberately overloads programs until they fail in order to determine the outer limits of an application’s capacity. Load testing, in contrast, is simply to make sure that an application can handle the user requests and actions it will likely have to manage under regular circumstances.

Benefits of Load Testing :

  • Load testing provides a number of critical benefits as development teams are building microservices, desktop programs, mobile applications and web apps. With the right load testing solutions, developers can:
  • Identify bottlenecks before software is deployed - Load testing can reveal and highlight bottlenecks that will hinder application performance, enabling developers to address them before software is shipped.
  • Reduce risk of downtime - Load testing can help to pinpoint scenarios that might cause an application to break or fail. This helps developers to address issues related to hightraffic before problems occur in real-world settings.
  • Improve scalability - By testing the limit of an applications capacity, load testing can help understand the infrastructure needs of an application as it scales up.
  • Reduce costs - By helping to identify and resolve issues earlier in the SDLC, load testing can help to decrease the cost of addressing failures and flaws.
  • Improve satisfaction - Load testing can help to ensure that each new release meets and exceeds the client’s expectations.

While load testing is a critical tool for delivering successful applications, it does not address the need to develop secure applications that are free from vulnerabilities which could lead to security breaches. In addition to load testing tools, developers need powerful security testing solutions that can quickly identify potential issues – without sacrificing speed to market.


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