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Red teaming phrase originated from the army discipline and means an amicable assaulting team, which assesses the safety of computerized foundation. It is carried out with the aid of white hat hackers mirroring the possible things of evildoers. Red Teaming Services crew consist of such white hat hackers.

Red teaming is the technique of experimenting policies, plans, assumptions, and systems. It is a multi-layered assault simulation that checks how properly the corporations structures and individuals are outfitted to take care of a actual cyber attack. In different words, Red Teaming is Ethical Hacking, carried out besides already informing the personnel or getting ready the existing structures in any way. This simulates a very real scenario of how the organisation would fare in case of an attack, at this very moment.

Why Organizations need Red Teaming Services?

Advanced Persistent Threats [APTs] can’t be relieved with the aid of wellknown security programming like firewalls and antivirus, and they are supposed to relatively have an effect on associations, which consolidate to communicate to excessive hazard to any affiliation that is profoundly structured on ICT, has huge information assets and primary IP, or are based upon net systems for patron interface and transactions. Associations should acknowledge that APTs are likely going to be fruitful and in this way suppose about the guidelines and probable assault situations. A few companies will assure mindfulness, alternatively their full concept is deficient. Red Team Security Services is the necessity of groups to get insured from the actual world attack

Hiring an Third agency of “hackers” to wreck into your pc systems, on which you have spent a thousands and thousands of bucks to secure, seems like a surely absurd plan. But sometimes, the nice way to understand if your gadget is secure is to discover anyone successful enough to attempt and wreck in.

“It makes experience for large organizations, however we’re a small 60-150 humans’ team. Who would choose to target us?”

Because of this very assumption, smaller agencies are typically unprepared and most of the times, unprotected from cyber-attacks. It’s good to be organized that you go through the damages in case of a real attack.


Our Approach

We comply with a complete risk-based strategy to manually discover threats and vulnerabilities in your networks, hosts, systems, purposes and bodily assets. Along with manual testing, some of our assessments involve making use of equipment and automation in the course of the preliminary phases of testing to furnish efficiency. The further of the testing is conducted manually to replicate an attacker’s actions accurately. Once all the testing is done, we grant you with a complete file that helps you apprehend all the strategies we utilized, all the techniques that failed, and the ones that let us wreck into your systems. After this whole exercise is complete, you can be certain that your systems are properly geared up to handle any malicious assaults in the future.

Goals of Red Team Security

The final goal of a red crew security operation is to:

  • Question your company’s opinions and apprehend improper reasoning or fallacious interpretation.
  • Evaluate the robustness of the proof base or the situation of your data
  • Recognize choice preferences and/or look at the results of an action plan.
  • Examine your networks, systems, functions and ahead from an attacker’s perspective.
  • Understand the probabilities for an attacker to breach in and pass within your structures

Deliverables of Red Teaming Services

Thorough red teaming offerings expose hazard and viable vulnerabilities in:

1. The Workforce

People are the weakest link in the chain of security in any organization, and most of the times, the best to smash into. After the red crew has performed their tests, you’ll get insights into how without difficulty hackable the individuals and perimeter of your organisation is.

2. The Networks & The Systems

Red teaming offerings especially simulate assaults from a malicious hacker’s point of view and attempt to find any holes, vulnerabilities, or bugs that could let them take control of the structures or take the systems down. After a red team has performed their services, you get a comprehensive file detailing all the vulnerabilities that had been observed and the steps you can take to restoration them.

Perks of Red Team Exercise

  • Red crew exercises unexpectedly banish any complacency in an organisation, and center of attention interest on planning & funding priorities which will have a clear purpose
  • By developing a extensive acceptance of vulnerabilities, such an exercise builds organisation-wide consensus & attention without having to examine from ‘painful experience’
  • A greater defined point of view on modern-day attack eventualities and achievable business consequences
  • Red team exercises construct confidence inside an organisation, from shareholders down to the safety & enterprise continuity teams, that preparation, planning and funding are apt to task.
  • Better hazard understanding and management from board level where higher involvement will create better prioritization, and use of budgets & assets


A red teaming operation can be challenging to structure due to the wide variety of variables, therefore we comply with a set framework so you usually recognize what to count on at the end.

1. Reconnaissance:

We accumulate all the possible data at some stage in the first section of our attack. This is finished through the use of public searches inclusive of google, facebook, amongst others. It helps us understand what sort of networking architecture your organisation posses, the kind of individuals working, surroundings, etc.

3. Execution

The execution phase is critical. The operation is now actively launched and our professional group participants are executing all the actions that had been strategized in the preceding step.

5. Establishment

A malicious file, once despatched thru to your system, offers us enough access to create a continual backdoor for us to keep on going with our attacks. This stage additionally consists of privilege escalation and other factors of the attack like copy door keys and breaking into secured rooms.

7. Reporting

Once we’ve carried out the objectives and goals set with the aid of the client and our team, it is now time to make reports, and provide you with all the important points of the operation. The red crew offerings are now done and you will have complete detailed report on what steps can be taken to restore the same.

2. Strategizing

This stage approves us to put together the operation in particular for your enterprise primarily based on the records that used to be accrued in step one. This consists of writing malicious payloads, developing false identities, making ready rfid clones, and more.

4. Exploitation

Once the execution of the sketch is complete, it is time to exploit any vulnerability that was once determined by way of our scripts to ship and execute the malicious archives through.

6. Maintaining access

We make certain that once in, we continue to be there until the operation is complete. This segment consists of circumventing present protection systems, speakme humans into allowing you through secured doors, and figuring out methods to preserve the access.

Our Red Teaming Services

We offer you with all the red teaming services you’d need for your organizational safety.

  • Experience a real world attack without any harmful results.
  • Get Secured against advanced cyber threats.
  • Get a full detailed report for you security strengths & weak points

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